From Creative Chaos to Organized Artist


Clutter, Chaos and their best friend, Disorganization, are a gang I have been fighting with for years. I wasn’t born under that Lucky Star of Naturally Organized. I was born under the Star of Creative Artist and the two traits seem to be polar opposites.  Very few creative artists will tell you that it is […]

The Creative Cave


To choose art means to turn one’s back on the world, or at least on certain of its distractions. ~Melvin Maddocks Deb and I have spent more time than usual these last few weeks in the cave. At Blue Sun Studio,  The Cave  is where we hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign so we can do our […]

Mandatory Celebrations

Birthday Surprise 5

Celebrate What You Want to See More Of —Thomas J. Peters The last few weeks have been filled with celebrations and fun. We started off with The Fourth of July, then a few days later, Deb’s birthday. She took the day off and celebrated with family and friends.  In our happy little corporation of two, […]

The Outgoing Introvert


Solitude is Impractical and Yet, Society is Fatal. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson   One of the things that surprised me the most in the land of blogging was how many introverts I was destined to meet on-line. In retrospect, I’m not sure why. After all, I’m a closet introvert myself, as are many of my blogging […]

The Lonely Entrepreneur


The best things come in pairs. Like a pair of lovers, or an old happily married couple. Or maybe even in big bunches. Like a bunch of juicy grapes, or a cluster of bright stars lighting up the sky. Or chocolate. Nobody wants to eat just one piece of chocolate. We might do it, because good […]