“Live a life less ordinary

Live a life extraordinary with me…”  -Carbon Leaf


Those are the opening lyrics to the song, ‘Life Less Ordinary’, by Carbon Leaf.  It’s the song my husband and I chose for our wedding song. Why? Because that sums up our commitment to each other.

To choose to live a Life Extraordinary, a Life Inspired, a Life full of purpose, passion, wide-awake and making a difference in the lives of others that we touch along the way. 

That was the commitment I made to him, the one I make to my family, and most importantly, the one that I make to myself.


I’m willing to make that same commitment to you as well.

Are you?

Do You Dare to Live an Inspired, Extraordinary Life?

Are you ready to say goodbye  to excuses, old stories, limiting beliefs, and false assumptions so you can grab on to the the brass ring of love, life and adventure?

Are you ready to live wide-awake, on purpose and full of passion in the life you always dreamed of?

You are ready for Creative Clarity Coaching!



You matter. You were created for a specific purpose, passion and mission to fulfill on this planet. There will never be another sacred being like you ever again. The world is waiting for your very own specific creative talents and the skills that you have to share.

You have a yearning to create. You have a secret desire to start. To begin… To Succeed. To turn that dream into action. If only you knew how.

Are you struggling to set those talents and dreams free? Does overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, fear and struggles with lack keep you from manifesting the life you know you were created to live?

Does a lack of confidence, muddled mindsets, indecision, lack of clarity and fear stop you from taking the ACTION you need to be a success?

Are you ready to stop DREAMING and start TAKING POWERFUL ACTION to make your vision happen?

I can help you by tackling THREE CRITICAL AREAS:




  • CLARITY:  Stop the spinning, indecisive, wishy-washy continual loop your brain has been stuck on and fast track to CLARITY with a coach trained to ask razor-sharp focused questions and provide deep level listening to what is important to you at a heart and cell level.
  • CHALLENGE: Step UP into the best version of yourself with a coach who will inspire you to greater heights, greater success and greater BLISS by Holding a vision of your Highest Best Self for you until you are ready to grab it and run!
  • CONFIDENCE: Soar to new levels of self-confidence, personal integrity, self-love and self-motivation as you become crystal clear on what you need to be happy, create sustainable systems for success, and create amazing stories of personal and business victory that will make you proud…of YOU!


I offer personal development, creative  coaching, and business mentoring services.  Check out our coaching brochure for our complete list of services. Then, contact us to set up a call to see exactly how we can help.  You CAN have the Inspired Life you’ve been dreaming of.