Spring Break

I feel like playing. The kids are out of school this week, the sun is shining and the puppy looks at me with timeless ambition that reminds me that RIGHT NOW is a good time to drop what I am doing and go for a walk. Or give her treats.

That sense of so much to do and so little time is fading into the distance as I take a deep breath and live in this very moment. One easy breath at a time.

I swallow the guilt that tells me “If I really cared about my business as much as I say I do, I would be working, working, working. There is no time for this silly meandering through time. Work…work…work!”

I tell that demon to shhhhh. And I head to the jacuzzi for some relaxation and to watch the dogs frolic in the sun.

The truth is, I’ve already done my work. I planned ahead, I set out my goals and I am completing them—in the early hours, in the mid hours, tucked in here and there between the laughing and the play time.  And after all, I own my own company, I can choose what hours to work and which to relax.

And yet, the truth is, I am guided by a drill sergeant that lives in my head. An evil taskmaster who would love for me to believe that ” There is no time for fun when you are building a business. There is no time for fun when you have not yet acomplished all on your list. There is no time for play. The world is depending on you!”

I know this taskmaster as the liar he is. And yet, it is a struggle to quiet his words so that I can take this special week for fun with my kids.

“After all, evil taskmaster, they are young for only a short time longer,” I whisper in my mind. “You and work and business and striving are always here.”

“No time like the present for getting things done.” I hear the words. I waver…

And then I tune him out. No time like the present to remember balance.

It’s spring break. I’m remembering what it is like to play with the kids.

While there is still time.

Wendi Kelly is a coach who helps her clients transform their mindsets, strategies and habits so they can go from confusion to clarity and fill their lives with love, joy and productivity. Need to get your mindsets clear so your life and business can get on track? Contact Wendi and have a chat about how she can help you turn around your patterns and lifestyle once and for all!

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