A Life Worth Living

In January of this year, instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I chose a word- just one word-to be my guiding light for all I chose to do.

I asked you to join me on a challenge. A challenge to live life by a certain standard, one that required us to be wide awake, fully engaged and on purpose. I challenged us to fully commit to a life worth living.

The one word was Inspired. And the challenge was to to spend this year living an Inspired Life.

Several  of you took that Challenge. We are just passing the six month mark in the year. Half of our Inspired Year is over.

How are we doing?

Going through life with my eyes half-closed

I have found it to be an amazing journey so far. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but, it wasn’t this. It was fun for the first few weeks in January to run around all pumped up and motivated, with fire in my belly singing, “I want to Live Inspired!”. The words soaked into my skin and into my heart but soon they created a dissonance that was no longer any fun at all.

In fact, it was down right painful. It was hard to be inspired when all around me were things that were uninspiring. What I discovered was that I didn’t like what I saw when I lived with my eyes wide open. I didn’t like the clutter. I didn’t like my weight. I didn’t like the list of plans, and dreams and goals not done. I liked the ideas and the future better then the actual reality and moment that I was living in. That…I wasn’t fond of at all.

The part where the honest truth is a little bit ugly.

I discovered something very interesting about myself. I have a lovely ability to turn away from that which I don’t want to see. I just stop seeing it. Turns out it’s easy to be positive and upbeat when you refuse to look at anything ugly. Including your own messes. But it isn’t living wide awake. It isn’t living Inspired. It’s living numb. It’s living on auto-pilot and refusing to see what is really around you.

The more I wanted to Be Inspired, the more I kept my eyes open to the world around me, the more I had to admit….I didn’t like it very much.

It wasn’t all that inspiring.


I had a choice. Go back to living with my eyes half-closed or get busy and change my life so I could honor my goal of Living Inspired.

I got busy.

In the last six months I have:

Said goodbye to toxic relationships
Started the War on Clutter- (and we are winning!)
Accomplished my lifetime goal of writing a novel. (With Deb, to be published this fall)
Got my weight and health plan back on the right track ( in progress)
Built a successful business with Deb at Blue Sun Studio, inc
Enjoyed wonderful, meaningful good times with my husband and family
Am honestly feeling fully engaged, wide awake and Inspired.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life
~Henry David Thoreau

It has really been a grand adventure. But not an easy one. There was a death in the family this week. I discovered that living wide awake  and inspired also means being willing to fully experience the sadness and the tears also. No more walking away from what I don’t want to see means…well…it means being willing to experience pain.

That has been a painful reminder. Life hurts. Deep sometimes.

But I’ll tell you this. I will gladly feel every drop of pain for all the love and magic and mystery it also has to give. Living Inspired this year is making the life I always wanted a reality, strengthening rewarding, loving relationships and opening doors of possibilities that once only seemed like fairytales.

And it’s only the end of June. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

How about you? How is your Inspired year going?  It’s not to late to take the challenge.

Wendi Kelly is a coach who helps her clients transform their mindsets, strategies and habits so they can go from confusion to clarity and fill their lives with love, joy and productivity. Need to get your mindsets clear so your life and business can get on track? Contact Wendi and have a chat about how she can help you turn around your patterns and lifestyle once and for all!


  1. Hi Wendi – Chris Brogan chooses THREE words every January. This in part inspired me to choose mine: Drink.More.Champagne. I’m happy to report that this is working out well for me. :)

    Here is what I’ve learned: The extra buck for Korbel is worth it over Cook’s. I am finding many more things to celebrate. A champagne flute seems more luxurious than a wine glass, so I feel like I’m treating myself well. Splits are available at most bars, except the tawdriest. It’s fun to convert your “posse” into the practice. Putting a little sparkle in every day honors it.
    Betsy Wuebker\’s last post… Shortcake Wars

  2. The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. ~Attributed to James A. Garfield.

    Glad the miserable part can’t beat you!
    Lori Hoeck\’s last post… Self defense and narcissism ebooks downloaded 1-000 times

  3. Wendi, I am most inspired by your honest account of what a life inspired *really* looks like. Truthful, human, wide-awake. Thanks for sharing the journey of the first six months with us.

    My word was ‘rhythm’ – I was drawn to it because there was no ‘should’ attached (in my mind), just an invitation to dance, to keep on moving, to feel the rhythm… of my words, of life, of inevitable ups and downs, of the heartbeat of the natural world.

    So far, so very good :-)

  4. Oh Wendi!

    I believe I had chosen the word Brave as my word of the year. However I don’t know that I’ve been practicing it. I know it’s eluding me currently as I prepare for my bike ride that is in 2 1/2 weeks! I feel like I don’t have the time to sit down and re-group or re-focus myself! I realized the other day that I have worked on a show in one way or another for the past 3 years. I haven’t really taken any time off for me, hell, I was even working on 4 shows simultaneously this past fall!

    I hope you know that if you ever need anything, help against that war on clutter or just to talk, I’m always here! I know you are going through a tough time right now, but I know things will get better and soon!
    Jenny\’s last post… A Fresh Re-Start

  5. Betsy,

    More Champagne seems like something I can inspire to do. :) I see the value in finding more reasons to celebrate, that is for sure. When you lose a loved one, the first thing you always remember is that life is short. We need to celebrate every single day! Cheers!!! Glad your three words are still alive and well.


    lol, I have never heard that quote, thanks for sharing it! So true!!


    thank you, and you are welcome. I’ve enjoyed your journey this year as well watching you unravel the dance of words and poetry that have been playfully floating around. I can feel the freedom you have had to let the magic happen and it is contagious. And fun. Very, very fun.


    Pamper Jenny time!!! I don’t think you realize how brave you really are. But you are. No matter what comes up, you reach down deep and pull out whatever you need to make the situation happen. And all of us know we can count on you. Yes, you get afraid. Being afraid doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. Standing in the face of your fear and getting things done anyway, that is brave. Honey, you have that in spades.

    Good luck on your bike ride. You will be great. And don’t worry about me, I am doing great. I have the best family and friends-like you- in the entire world.

  6. Thank you Wendi! You have no idea how much I needed to hear that!
    Jenny\’s last post… A Fresh Re-Start

  7. Wendi,
    Your honesty here is so refreshing. And that’s what really stands out – life isn’t always roses for us…even if that’s the facade we put up.

    And you ARE most definitely living inspired. And … in that you also inspire others…like me!
    Lance\’s last post… Sunday Thought For The Day

  8. Lance,

    Thanks, no, life isn’t always a bed of roses, and I don’t think we have to pretend it is either. It’s the choices we make around the thorns that make the real differences. It’s good to see you here my friend!

  9. Hi Wendi,

    So, this is what Deb was talking about on Facebook.

    After reading Betsy’s comment, I also remember the buzz about picking a word and when she picked hers – smart choice. :)

    You not only picked a great word, but are living it to the fullest. I hear you about how we live our lives with our eyes closed (sometimes). Like you, I’m defeating the clutter bug and loving every minute of it. With every item I let go of, I feel “lighter”, even though that isn’t reflected on the scale. I’m thinking that part of it will follow.

    How exciting you’ll soon be a published author and one of your dreams will soon be a reality. How cool is that?
    Barbara Swafford\’s last post… A Mantra For Bloggers and Writers

  10. Hi Wendi – Good for you turning things round and achieving so much. I have to say you inspired me even before I read this post. I’ve been using your husband’s tips on clutter and they’ve really helped me to start getting more organised.

    My whole life has been chaotic over the last few months and I haven’t been making progress in any area. Then I saw how quickly you and Deb had progressed with the novel and I got the message – I had to get myself organised in my work again, if I wanted to get anywhere. So I began sorting myself out over the weekend. And I’ve got more meaningful work done in the last couple of days than I have in months.

    The weight loss is another thing. I’ve put on so much weight with these anti-depressants but it was no fun being skinny and depressed. But I’ve got myself a juicing detox book – now I just need to motivate myself to start it.
    Cath Lawson\’s last post… 4 Stupid Bucket List Mistakes To Avoid

  11. Hi Wendi,

    I have done something similar – chosen a word to act as a theme for my life goals. A couple of years ago it was “Transformation.” That was the year I started blogging and launched my own business. The following year it was “Manifest,” which was the year I propelled the blog and business to greater success. I seem to have lapsed on choosing annual words since then, but it definitely worked for me and it sounds like it’s working for you too! Keep up the great work :)

    Melissa Donovan\’s last post… How to Create Effective Scenes and Chapters in Your Novel

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