How to Believe in Yourself


When you are ocean deep in love, you can’t be drowning in fear.

BE-ing: An Exercise to Blow Your Mind


From the Journal of  the Year of BE-ing. Day Thirteen: Such a simple little word. How can such a simple two-letter word be so hard? At first it was fun. Tossing away the goals and To Do lists. It was like finally kicking out the Taskmaster, or running around free when the teacher ran out […]

Why I have Zero Goals This Year.


This is really bizarre. I mean really, really bizarre. It’s the first “Get Back to Work” Monday  of the new year and I  am looking at a blank page where all my goals for the new year should be. For several decades, my list would have been at least two pages long. Five categories: Health& Fitness, Family, […]

A Promise to My Heart

A Promise to My Heart

Imagine for a moment a child, innocent and sincere, looking up at you with big, brown eyes asking you to do something important. Something that means the world to that sweet child. Some wish that only you can fulfill. “Yes,” you nod, crossing your heart, gazing back into those soulful eyes with all the good […]

Commitment, A Word That Will Change Your Life.


Commitment is a funny thing. It will wiggle out of any excuse you give it, any crack in your doubt, any chink in your armor. To be fully committed to a goal, person or situation, you must leave zero room for another option.  Zero room for plan B, for excuses, reasons, doubt or maybes. Full on […]