Are You Wasting Time?


Many creatives have Two Modes of Operation. One is DO ALL THE THINGS! And the other is GO  SLOW, TRY NOT TO MOVE. One of those tends to be a huge time waster.  And it might not be the one you think There is a story that when Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling,  he stopped […]

When The Spirit Calls, Pick Up


I never set out to be a coach. It was never intentional, nor did I spend long hours daydreaming about it as a child, imagining myself on the phone with earbuds or headphones attached to my ears, pacing the floor in time with my client’s cadence and energy, holding space for their dreams, pain and […]

Are You Taking the Right Action?


  Take Action! Take Action! Ready, Set.. Take Action! Everyone knows that if you really want your business (and life) to be happy, abundant and successful, that after all the mindset gurus have gotten done messing with your brainwaves, the thing that you have to do is take action. Get off your duff and get […]



As a very small child, whenever I would get discouraged, I would plop myself down on the floor like a doll made of rags and let out a hopeless wail. “I Can’t…..” would be my pitiful cry. “I don’t know how, it’s too hard, I’m too tired.” My mother would turn on a dime, narrow […]

The Biggest Failure is Never Beginning At All


There is a phrase that pops up in coaching now and then when talking to clients about their projects.  I didn’t make it up, I *borrowed* it from a 2006 Movie,  but I have been using it ever since. It’s the phrase: Failure to Launch. It was a silly romantic comedy about a thirty-something guy who […]