Are You Worthy?


Some of the biggest problems, resistances, self-floggings, struggles…(Fill in your challenges) we face stem from FEELINGS of being unworthy, unloved, unaccepted, not good enough, less than… (Fill in your ‘Need to be Better’ at). The thing is, that thought (I’m not good enough) and the feeling it generates is a LIE. We already ARE worthy, […]

Do You Need Ritual?


This past weekend I celebrated  365 days—one full year—of getting up every morning and having a “first things first” ritual of morning meditation, journaling, prayer and yoga/*stretch. *There are some days, ( I have fibro) where the stretch part isn’t much more then bending the parts that will bend, but the commitment to movement, and […]



 This  week, something a little different to inspire you with. A poem, one of my favorites, and one that fits in well with the Journey we are taking to the Center of our Heart. The Journey we are taking together is largely one of personal integrity, of promises kept to ourselves and others, and of […]

A Promise to My Heart

A Promise to My Heart

Imagine for a moment a child, innocent and sincere, looking up at you with big, brown eyes asking you to do something important. Something that means the world to that sweet child. Some wish that only you can fulfill. “Yes,” you nod, crossing your heart, gazing back into those soulful eyes with all the good […]

Amazing Mountains

Amazing Mountains

Imagine discovering that the child you have just given birth to, the one that has come fresh from your womb after nine tiring months, the one that has just sucked in his first life-giving breath and wailed his first cry has been diagnosed with the life sentence of Cerebral Palsy. Imagine for one moment, the […]