Feeding My Soul

The kids are officially back to school. Summer blew in like a whirlwind, grabbed my breath and took me on a ride. A fun ride, no complaints here. We went on a fun vacation, Deb and I finished our second novel, and got through part one on our third one,  had great parties, spent time with family and friends.

If I had to do a “What I did this summer” Essay, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

This week the kids went back to school. The rains finally came and brought with it cooler, crisp weather that smells fresh.  Alive.  The grass is green again, and I can  feel the garden sigh with relief as it comes out of drought survival mode and begins the process of growth and life.

And I hear this whisper inside of me.

Feed My Soul.

I breathe deeply. I sit quietly. I look around and wonder, “Haven’t I been? I’ve been having fun, I’ve been creative, I’ve been eating healthier…what’s the problem?”

I had to sit quietly with that whisper for awhile. The answer wouldn’t come easily. It was elusive and shadowy.

Feed My Soul…


So I sat some more. I got quiet. I listened deeper.

And instead of  “Feed my Soul…” I heard:

Ahhhh, thank you.

Thank you? But I didn’t DO anything!

And then it dawned on me.

I did the ONE thing that really does feed my soul. I got quiet. I got present. I got tuned in. I slowed down and paid attention.

I didn’t need to DO anything. I didn’t need to READ anything. I didn’t need to HEAR anything.

I needed silence and presence.

My Soul is Fed.

I am rejuvenated and ready for the next page. I am open to the day. To the Adventure. To serve others.

With a well-fed Soul.

Wendi Kelly is a coach who helps her clients transform their mindsets, strategies and habits so they can go from confusion to clarity and fill their lives with love, joy and productivity. Need to get your mindsets clear so your life and business can get on track? Contact Wendi and have a chat about how she can help you turn around your patterns and lifestyle once and for all!

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