Are You Ready to Live Inspired?

Inspiration: To breathe in the divine. That moment, person or thing that causes us to stop, think, remember, and be uplifted.

Inspiration: A dose of love. Divine Love. A sunset... a painting, a smile... an act of kindness that refills us again.

Inspiration: Dipping our feet into that pool of Sanctuary, recharging our batteries so we can journey on.

Inspiration: Encouragement, Words that remind us we are not alone, we are in community, we journey together in search of love on this road of life.

Do you need a little of Life's Inspiration in your life?

Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to LLI.
We've been waiting for you.

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From Creative Chaos to Organized Artist

Clutter, Chaos and their best friend, Disorganization, are a gang I have been fighting with for years. I wasn’t born under that Lucky Star of Naturally Organized. I was born under the Star of Creative Artist and the two traits seem to be polar opposites.  Very few creative artists will tell you that it is in their natural make-up to have everything constantly spotless and some will even brag about how chaotic and dramatic their lives are at every turn. I believed that about myself for most of my life. I accepted clutter and chaos as part of the creative process and even years into working … [Read More...]

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