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Welcome to Life’s Little Inspirations where our mission is to help YOU live the Wide-awake, Inspired, Passionate Life you have always dreamed of.

Life’s LITTLE Inspirations happen every day and we miss them, so caught up in our daily lives that the special moments slip away forever. It's so easy to go through life numb and half asleep, so tied into our To-do lists and busy schedules that we miss the love, joy, happiness and passion that we are here to share.

What if you could change that? What if you could commit to living more Wide Awake and present, focused and grateful and DARED TO LIVE AN INSPIRED LIFE? A life filled with wonder, enthusiasm, passion, love, creativity fulfilled dreams and divine inspiration?

Are you ready to say, "YES… I dare to live a wide-awake inspired life!"

Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to LLI.

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The Enemy of Creativity

A random thought passed through my mind this morning as I was going about my morning practices: If clutter is the enemy of creativity, why are so many creatives hopelessly cluttered? Maybe the thought wasn't  all that random.  We have been talking about mental clutter in our Journey to the Center of Your Heart group coaching program all week long. We've talked about the clutter of all of those BRILLIANT IDEAS that pop into our heads at inopportune times that demand our attention. The ones that take us off task, that sound like the BEST IDEA EVER and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW!!! … [Read More...]

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